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Technology Enabled Therapy 

We strongly believe that sustainable long-term effects on mental health and resiliency will be achieved through the right combination of psychedelic compound and psychotherapy.

The basis of our psychotherapy is a patient-centered multi-modular program for treating common mental disorders.


The program consists of evidence-based modules for treating specific mental health problems and modules on psychedelic-specific techniques. The latter consists of preparation and integration sessions, as well as the drug administration sessions.


Treatment will be delivered in a blended format, with the right balance between digital remote sessions and in-person meetings in the clinics.

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The effectiveness of the program is enhanced by

state-of-the-art technology.

By employing a human-centered designed platform that generates patient outcomes,

using data analytics and AI to personalize patient experience and pathways.

By structural biofeedback loops – using bio-measures and ecologically momentary assessments – we create an individual progressive learning process.

Virtual reality and augmented reality tools are part of the therapy.

By offering monitoring of biological measures in real time, highly experienced

therapists can also offer appropriate psychological

support as needed throughout every session.

Continuous biofeedback offers more layers of support and re-assurance, and can help

ensure that every patient gains the most out of their therapeutic experience.

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Clinical Training

A fully accredited clinical program is under development for training new generations of health care professionals, ranging from nurses, social workers, counselors, clinical psychologists to psychiatrists, in delivering the multi-modular therapy program.


We work together with scholars from top universities, to design an engaging, highly effective project-based training program, which is partly digital and partly in-person. Zylorion is setting up collaborations with centers in Europe and North-America

to deliver the training program.