Our Team

PsiloTec’s leadership team boasts extensive experience in such relevant

fields as neuroscience and pharmaceutical research, mental health care, psychopharmacology, mycology, clinical trials, capital markets,

financial accounting, healthcare logistics and regulatory affairs.


Across its three core focus areas of growing technologies, clinical development

and business development, PsiloTec has assembled an accomplished and

highly motivated executive team that is poised to advance the

company’s aggressive growth plans.

Executive Team

Dr. Peter Silverstone
Chief Executive Officer & Director
Louise Duchesne, CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer

Mycology Team

e-Clinics Team

Dr. Pierre Chue
Advisor, Medical Affairs
Dr. Matthew Brown
Vice President, Technology
Dr. Hannah Pazderka
Lee-Ann Langkaas
Senior Clinical Trials Manager.

Board of Directors

James Mish
Dr. Richard Summerbell
Dr. Peter Silverstone
Chief Executive Officer & Director

Corporate Support Team

Cori White
Senior Marketing Consultant
John Rajman
Security Consultant