Research & Development

Collaborations are set up with academic centers, and research-based biopharma and plant sciences companies in the Netherlands and Canada to feed our planned and future clinical studies.


We have in-house world-leading expertise in growing unique strains of therapeutic organic mushrooms, enabling development of unique IP on psychoactive compounds, and optimizing growing conditions.

We have submitted an application to Health Canada to receive our controlled substance license for our planned research facility located outside Edmonton, Alberta.  This facility would serve as a Center of Excellence where we will focus on the full spectrum of research and product development, including GACP production, extraction, and manufacturing of final-form organic-based psilocybin drug products.

We believe there is a need for uniquely placed organic psilocybin-based products.

Brain Scans

Clinical Research

Our team has deep experience in clinical applications and blended therapy, as well as drug product and intellectual property development. Our clinical roadmap focuses on expediting patient and clinician access to the most effective treatment outcomes. Our lead product candidates target significant market opportunities in areas of high unmet medical need.


Clinical Research

Preclinical and Phase 1 research will be conducted at top

academic centers and companies, in Europe and North-America. Sporometrics, a Toronto-based company providing microbiological testing, will coordinate the research on genetic sequencing and plant sciences. Currently, we are building a state-of-the-art lab

in Leduc, Alberta for growing conditions and product development.

In 2022, we will start with human clinical research on specific psychiatric conditions and addictions. Trials will run in

collaboration with top-tier academic institutions in

the Netherlands and Canada.

Taking Samples

Quality of clinical research

Much of the time and costs associated with developing new drug compounds and evidence-based psychotherapy stems from the investments in designing and managing multiple large clinical trials involving hundreds or even thousands of patients and dozens of qualified clinicians.

Zylorion’s in-house team has combined experience with over 150 clinical studies. We collaborate with scholars from the absolute top institutes in the world, including Stanford University, Kings College London, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Toronto, and University of Alberta. This combined expertise

will enable us to reduce the risks and time

required to complete our clinical trials.


Zylorion will also utilize the latest clinical trial design and technology, complemented by our management skill-sets in such areas as computational psychiatry and artificial intelligence, to support our goals. This valuable expertise will provide a robust body of clinical trial evidence to support and advance the development of our programs to the commercial marketplace.


We are confident that Zylorion’s highly experienced clinical team and our innovative approaches to drug development will allow us to more rapidly and cost-effectively develop novel

IP-protected products. For us, holding ourselves and the partners we work with to high standards of safety and privacy is pivotal.

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Partnerships & Collaboration

Our strategic partnerships are with leading innovators who share our passion and our purpose.

We are partnering with dedicated experts from world-class institutions across both private and public sectors in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, mycology and technology,
with the goal to:
ADVANCE effective evidence-based treatments and inform future product pipeline.

ACCELERATE research and development programs to get therapies in the hands of those that need them, and provide.

ACCESSABILITY for everyone, everywhere. Leveraging technology to enable broad market access to extended network of healthcare practitioners.
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