PsiloTec Difference

Organic Products
& IP Focus

PsiloTec is developing a unique range of psilocybin therapy mushrooms with multiple layers of intellectual property (IP) protection, and all will be produced to the highest standards required when using Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) for organic products. Ongoing independent audits will confirm highest quality products.


PsiloTec is the only company to rapidly scale-up the number of sites available. It has a comprehensive program of continuous improvement to become the leader in remote therapy in the psychedelic market. It intends to make e-Clinics available to a range of psychedelic producers.


PsiloTec’s team has

extensive experience in mycology, herbal medicine, neuroscience and clinical trials research

Proven leadership team in mycology and psilocybin mushroom growth. Growing quality mushrooms to scale is significantly more complex than growing cannabis.

Significant international experience and leading expertise in all aspects of clinical mental health research, including AI and new clinical trial approaches.

Clinical Trials Expertise

Comprehensive experience within the team of more than 300 clinical studies in the mental health space. Ability to design and complete studies rapidly in multiple areas. Will involve leading university-based experts across multiple sites.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence expertise which will be applied to all aspects of e-Clinics enhancing performance and outcomes. This allows continuous improvements in performance and outcome as increased data improves AI performance.

Multi-product revenue

Focus beyond basic psilocybin production, preventing risk of commoditization of product and revenues.

Ongoing development of unique products, product combinations, and formulations to increase revenue from multiple sources.