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Zylorion is a biopharmaceutical company inspired by the potential of psychedelics as

a new standard of care to bring relief and restore well-being to people experiencing mental health challenges.  We strongly believe that integrated treatment programs that begin with safe and effective drug compounds, combined with personalized therapy programs and enabled by leading technologies, will empower clinicians and provide greater accessibility and benefits to patients than anything available today.

Our research programs target areas of high unmet need with a focus of creating

long-term shareholder value through a diverse portfolio of intellectual property

and regulatory protection.    

Current Landscape and Market Opportunity

With increasing rates of mental illness, a lack of efficacy and innovation in current therapies, and a resulting unmanageable economic burden, the necessity for change presents a compelling investment opportunity. 

The People

An estimated 971 million people globally suffer from

some form of mental health condition.


- 320 million people suffer from MDD

(with one third of those experiencing TRD).

- 300 million people suffering from PTSD.

- 264 million people with an anxiety disorder.

- 164 million people with a substance abuse disorder.

A personalized approach to treatment, because

everyone’s journey is different.

The Problem

Roughly 33% of people do not respond

to current treatments.


Existing medications can have serious side effects,

long period of onset, and present challenges getting off them.


Despite the increasing unmet medical need, big pharma has cut their R&D budgets by 70% over the past decade.

Today's therapies are not giving patients the relief they need;

we are challenging the status quo.

The Cost

The forecasted economic burden of mental health

by 2030 is $16 trillion.


In the U.S. at least 8.4 million loved ones spend

an average of 32 hours per week providing unpaid care.


Payers are shifting to value-based models for solutions to

sustainable and better care.

The cost is too great for us to ignore the growing

global mental health problem any longer.

The Opportunity

The global psychedelics market is forecasted to be

$10.7 billion by 2027, representing an 16% CAGR.


Necessity is bringing about reform in regulatory

frameworks  and providing opportunities for much needed

research to prove the potential of psychedelics.

Zylorion is well positioned to be a global leader in

innovative and integrated mental healthcare.

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News & Events

January 6, 2022

Mr. Jeroen Tas Joins Zylorion as a Strategic Advisor and Observer to the Board of Directors

October 18, 2021

PsiloTec Announces Rebranding and Launch as ZYLORION Health
New Name, Same Mission

December 8, 2021

Zylorion Appoints Members to Newly Formed Scientific and Digital Health Advisory Committees

October 25, 2021

Zylorion Announces Appointments to Executive Leadership Team

August 13, 2021

PsiloTec Health Solutions Inc. Enters into Letter of Intent for Qualifying Transaction with Michichi Capital Corp.

April 14, 2021

PsiloTec Closes $5.4M Non-Brokered Private Placement

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Edmonton psychiatry professor aims to treat mental illness with psychedelics through new company

Edmonton Journal Posted Feb 22, 2021

An Edmonton startup company is laying the foundation to be a major player in the growing global medical psychedelic market by studying the drug’s effects on mental health.                 



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A new Edmonton-based company is planning to grow magic mushrooms for potential use in medical clinics. 

Dr. Peter Silverstone, a long-time faculty member with the department of psychiatry at the University of Alberta, is hoping to facilitate access to the psychedelic drug through his new company, PsiloTec Health Solutions.


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