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Instead of offering just a few locations

for treatment,

PsiloTec has designed

a comprehensive

e-Clinic approach.

Offering individuals the ability to receive treatment locally, while maintaining the highest possible standards.

Options of virtual reality (VR),

and augmented by

Artificial Intelligence (AI),

will provide personalized

therapy while maximizing

clinical outcomes.


Using a wide range of

state-of-the-art technology,

including multiple in-house innovations, individuals can

be treated locally while

remaining connected to

central experienced staff.

Individuals will be treated

with standardized

IP-protected equipment.

By offering central monitoring in real time, highly experienced therapists can also offer appropriate psychological support as needed throughout every session.


Live and continuous biofeedback offers more layers of support and re-assurance,

and can help ensure that every patient gains the most out of their therapeutic experience.


PsiloTec is the only company focused on this approach.


We aim to have over 1,000 fully-trained therapists available before the end of 2022.

This is the only way to provide the scale required to meet the global need.


We have a continuous pipeline of ongoing development already in process to allow PsiloTec to expand e-Clinics even further in a highly cost-effective manner.