Developments To-Date

Actively working on research agreements with both the

University of Alberta and the University of Saskatchewan.

Negotiated an agreement with a local Alberta grower to exclusively

license 5th generation psilocybin producing mushrooms;

as well as proprietary growing processes unique to this space.

Exclusive contract with Sporometrics, a world-leading mycology group,

which allows PsiloTec to begin clinical research on unique

psilocybin mushrooms and limited production during Q2, 2021.

PsiloTec is in final stage negotiations with a leading US organization

focusing on mycology; specifically psilocybin.


The agreement gives access to a leading psilocybin expert in North America;

as well as access to lab facilities in Jamaica and local experts in Oregon.


Secured growing team with unmatched experience in the field of mycology.

The team has expertise in sourcing, fungi genotyping and producing

organic psilocybin mushrooms at scale.

Neuroscience team with extensive background in mental health,

clinical trials, psychopharmacology and artificial intelligence.

Regulatory advisory team with expertise in obtaining a

Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) Dealer’s License,

government relations and overall security.

Finalizing lab space and growing facility secured in the Edmonton region.

PsiloTec has secured building engineers and growing experts

to build an industry leading grow space while

concurrently applying for a CDSA Dealer’s License.