Core Focus


Mycology Development


• On site secured growing facility

• Mycology expertise augmented by laboratory

agreements to analyze PsiloTec mushroom genetics

• Exclusively licensed IP to enhance yields and

speed of harvest

• Unique strains of mushrooms secured along

with ongoing research and development of

new IP protected strains

• Anticipated production of psilocybin for clinical trials

beginning Q2, 2021, at partnered sites

• Estimated production commencing in
Alberta in Q4, 2021

e-Clinic and

Trial Development

Image by Louis Reed

• Unique novel clinical trial approach to reduce both

cost and time required for studies

• Manage research trials with a focus on IP

achievable compounds and processes

• On site lab expertise and partnerships
with post secondary institutions


• Formulations to support the needs in the mental

health sector, including PTSD, depression

and addictions

• Focus on organic psilocybin and related compounds

for maximal clinical benefits and IP protection

• Phase 2 clinical studies begin in Q3, 2021.


Business Development

• Organic psilocybin mushroom sales for

research studies

• Channel agreements with clinical treatment centres for unique, branded products

• Potential naturopathic mushroom line for

various end user products

• Direct to client through multiple IP protected

doses and product combinations

• IP acquisition of unique product delivery systems

• Unique monitoring tools and training program

allowing for remote clinical and therapy interactions

instead of traditional clinical setting