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The Mental Health Market Today

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Company Insights

The need for mental health treatment

has skyrocketed in the last 12 months.

Treating conditions such as depression,

PTSD and axiety just to name

a few is  becoming critical

in our communities.

A recent study has found that in patients with no previous psychiatric history, a diagnosis of COVID 19 was associated with increased incidence of a first psychiatric diagnosis in the following 14 to 90 days compared with

six other health events The Lancet

The lifetime prevalence in Canada and the United States of
PTSD is between 9%-10 %

Company Insights


Mental Health Spending in Canada: $4.7B annually within healthcare;

$6.3B on uninsured mental health services and time off for depression/anxiety.

However, treatments for many patients are not successful and/or

available medications have too many side effects.


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The growth of the behavioral health treatment market globally
is expected to reach $240 billion by 2026

Of this, the current estimated psychedelic market value is approximately $100 billion

Over a dozen companies in this space have listed on various stock exchanges;

however, none have a similar focus on organic therapy mushrooms and

clinical and neuroscience expertise in comparison to PsiloTec.